Teacher Appreciation: La Prof Amusante

You can’t help but smile and exclaim “Bonjour Madame!” when you enter room 277. No, it’s not because we’re all eager to turn in our homework or talk to our friends. It’s because of the comfortable and engaging environment that French teacher Christine Jones creates for her students. Many students view taking a foreign language as a positive experience, but even if you’re not too keen on taking that extra class to finish out your high school language career, Madame Jones is the teacher for you. Interactive activities paired with fun and interesting lessons (and lots of Kahoot) makes learning about the French language and culture the best part of your day at Upper Dublin High School. Not to mention, Madame Jones is an advisor to  the UDHS French Club, where fun activities meet active learning about French culture. So if you just happen to see Madame Jones’s name on your schedule next year, you’re in for a great foreign language experience!




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