Not Quite High School Musical

The first quarter of the 2016 school year has passed by in a flash, and the freshman class has many thoughts about their new experiences in the “big bad” high school.

The first day of high school may have given the wrong impression to many freshmen. After all, starting off the year with silly td_welcome-freshmenintroductory games and no homework is a bit misleading. However, the fun first day was soon followed by an abundance of tests and worksheets which gave the students a reality check.  

Eventually, all of the freshmen grew accustomed to weaving around six foot tall seniors in the halls and sacrificing their weekends to study and do homework. It’s fair to say that most freshmen have established a routine by now, and high school has become somewhat normal.

I spoke with some freshmen about their personal high school experiences, and most had a pleasant past two months. Student Sophia Klevit replied, “This first quarter has taught me a lot about myself. About how I work as a student under pressure and late at at night. Everyone told me ‘high school is a joke’ and I believed them, but I’ve realized it really isn’t a joke. How hard I’m working now as a freshman will continue throughout my entire high school career. So far I’m happy with what I’m doing, and I just need to keep reminding myself that the only person working towards my future is me.”

Another freshman stated, “So far high school has been a really positive experience for me, and I hope it continues to be a positive experience. I was surprised how easy it was to adjust to high school. So far I really like it.”

working-studentMost freshmen students came from Sandy Run Middle School, but a few came without any friends or knowledge of the school. One of these students,  Eva Gossger, stated, “The first quarter to me felt hard, but I’m definitely adjusting to the school and students. I’ve made tons of amazing friends, and I’m definitely happier now that the first quarter is over.”

And then there are the freshmen still getting over the thrill of their first Spirit Week, including Class President Matt Michels. “Spirit week taught me two things: don’t use a smoke machine in your alcove, and even if your alcove is better, the upperclassmen will still get a better score from the judges.” Jackie Vargas-Bines declared, “Spirit Week was a really fun experience and I’m looking forward to next year’s. 10/10 do recommend.”

Although many imagined high school was going to be more like the movie High School Musical with long breaks between classes, singing in the cafeteria, and much hotter guys, I have concluded that the next 3 ¾ years of our high school lives are going to be quite different. “We’re cocky freshman,” explained Rachel Tetro, “It’s in our nature to be surprised by a new school. It’s still a shock to me that we’re actually in high school.”

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