Just Some Good News

It’s no secret that last Tuesday’s election has severed the country in two. The current political, ideological, and moral battle has highlighted the worst qualities in all of us, unveiling an appalling animosity for one another. What we now need is a respite from this tension, so I’ve prescribed the best medicine to remedy the ailments of our invalid country: some good news.

  1. On the night of Tuesday, November 8th, Virginia Commonwealth University student, Alejandro Andrade, spread positivity in the rigid post-election atmosphere. Graciously withstanding the chilly November air, the 18 year-old psychology major proudly held up a sign that read: “In light of the hate and/or mistrust… FREE HUGS.” The student stood his ground, embracing hundreds of Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians alike. For eight hours, Alejandro refused to put down his sign, showing us all that the best way to combat hatred is to suffocate it with lots of free hugs!
  1. On Friday, November 11th, veterans proved to be serving the country, even when they’re not marching on a battlefield. Stranded near Freehold, New Jersey after his motorcycle broke down, legendary singer Bruce Springsteen was gratified to see a group of veteran bikers who offered him a ride to a nearby restaurant. After taking pictures with and buying beers for his saviors, Bruce headed home, but not before leaving behind a generous tip of $100!hijab-emojis
  1. On Thursday, November 10th, the Unicode Consortium (corporation that works to internationalize text in modern software) approved of 56 new emojis. After reviewing the many proposals, the Unicode Consortium revealed during its 149th meeting that the new emojis would include a person wearing a hijab, a breastfeeding emoji, and a genderless person. My heart melts for these emojis that truly exemplify the American ideal of equality, while stressing the importance of promoting inclusiveness!

To conclude, it is my hope that we pause for moment amidst all of the chaos to understand how nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Don’t feel tied down by all of the bad, when there is so much good as well. The Earth keeps spinning, life goes on, and there still remains much for which to be thankful.

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