Confessions of a Student Work-a-Holic: Ep. 1


14787726_996532817140326_2007944511_oAmong my friends, I am associated with having “no chill – like seriously none,” and am no stranger when it comes to feeling a bit overwhelmed. So here I am, the relatable classmate who sympathizes with the agonies you endure as students during any given school year. BUT, I am here to try and make the burden a little lighter to shoulder.

The considerable transition from summer to school has gradually taken effect in many students, with many coming to terms and accepting their situation. This goes out especially to the freshmen who are coming up from Sandy Run and who are settling into an entirely new environment.

One of the greatest foes of students is time. Personally, Time and I have never been very close – it either goes too slow or too fast, and there is never enough of it in a day! Being able to plan out the day is crucial to relieving many of your problems. To help with this shift, here is some advice:

  1. A serious life changer: If you are one of those people who wastes their day on the internet or on their phone – honestly stop. Turn off your internet. Close all your tabs. Turn off all notification sounds. Throw your phone across the room. Give your phone to a family member – just get all distractions away from you. It may take you some time to work through this painful technology withdrawal, but my friend, it will be worth all the boredom.
  2. I have no doubt in my mind that one time or another, as you furiously worked at 12:34 A.M. trying to finish a paper due the next day, you thought, “What on Earth have I done today?” Now this is an extraordinary tip from a very organized friend: Write out EVERYTHING you do for at least 3 days. Write down all the activities you did and for how long. In doing so, you are able to physically see where your whole day goes! Turns out watching 9 episodes of The Office on Netflix after school is not the best idea. The more you know!
  3. Calendars are man’s best friend. If you don’t utilize the calendar on your phone or chromebook – do it now. Not only does this ensure you are on top of your game, but it also helps you sort out any plans you make. Guessing that most of you reading this do use the calendar on your phone or Google calendar, go one step further – invest in a desk calendar for your study space. You can write down any important test dates or deadlines you have! While setting important reminders to keep at the back of your mind, this helpful tool will also be a great source of motivation for studying and focusing on your work.
  4. Last, but not least, prioritize. I do not care if you have a club meeting after school, I do not care if you wanted to hang out with a friend – if you can honestly say to yourself that you do not have time for it, don’t do it. Unless it is absolutely necessary for your well being and health, it is not worth it. Just go home, get your work done, and find some down time to decompress. Stressing yourself out until you’re sick because you didn’t have enough time to sleep or do your work will not help you – it’s a lose-lose situation.  Know your limits and learn to just say no!

And that’s it! You will do great! Have confidence in yourself and know that you are set up for a wonderful year. Hope these tips help you out and remember: ~ (Positive) Mindset and Good Vibes ~

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