Fun and Fierce Competition: UDHS is Getting Ready for Spirit Week!



One of the most anticipated weeks of the school year is just around the corner. It’s time to get ready for another spirit week at UDHS! Spirit week is a one week event taking place from October 24th to October 28th. Each of the four grades will show off their class spirit by participating in various activities and competitions.

Notable changes have been made to spirit week this year. There will no longer be an overall winner announced at the pep rally. Instead, there will be winners of four distinct categories, which include alcove decorating/skits, rally spirit, theme day participation, and donation events.

In an effort to unite the entire school, there have been goals set and if they are reached, the school will be rewarded with a surprise three hour delay that would be announced at the pep rally. The goals include raising two thousand dollars, collecting one thousand cans, collecting two hundred pounds of soda tabs, and having 85% participation in dress-up days.

Some students are in favor of this idea and believe it will bring together the school as a whole. Junior Annie Han states, “I’m really happy about the changes this year. Last year, the entire week wasn’t really fun for me and it was really tense between all of the grades. To me, that’s not the atmosphere this ‘week of fun’ should have because that’s not what UD promotes. The point is to create school unity, but it just seemed to create more of a divide. I think the changes are helpful and will be better for the school. There isn’t an overall winner but they can still win more categories and I think that’s what the other students seem to forget. Also, there’s a chance we could get a late arrival this year, which is pretty good in my opinion.”

On the other hand, some students would prefer to just keep the one overall winner of spirit week. Junior Anne Liu said, “I liked it in past years when we had one overall winner. I do not think there was major tension between the grades. There is more of an incentive to be the overall winner than to be a category winner. But I’m still excited for a great spirit week this year!”

Each day of the week will have a different dress up theme. Grades with higher participation will receive more points.  The week is then closed off with a fun-filled pep rally in the gym where the entire student body will be together cheering for their grades. The following is the list of this year’s theme days:

Monday – College apparel day

Tuesday – Fancy dress up day

Wednesday – Dress in blue day to honor injured Upper Dublin Police Officer Bill Carroll

Thursday – Pajama day

Friday – Class Color Day

In addition, each grade will also be having a different class theme based on their class color. The themes are listed below:

Freshmen (red) – Marvel

Sophomores (blue) – Finding Dory

Juniors (white) – Mad Scientist Lab

Seniors (black) – Space Jam
With spirit week coming up next week, the grades are hard at work in preparation for one of the best school wide events of the year. Props to the amazing students from each grade who have been meeting after school to design and decorate their alcoves or contributing in any way. Thank you as well to the class officers, class advisers, and the Student Government Association for helping and organizing for the upcoming event in advance. Get hype!

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