Seasons Change and So Do You

         By:  Adina Rom

During the cold winter months, most people feel trapped in their everyday rituals as though the darkness will never fade. Every day feels the same as the one before. Usually people’s stress levels begin to increase.

One of the major causes of this is not enough daylight, which influences every day mood. Nature remains bare and unchanged, inflicting a negative aura to the environment around it. Also, people tend to come and go from work at night hours and usually do not exercise enough. The majority of their time is spent huddled in a blanket, eating and ultimately living a sedentary lifestyle. Not enough vitamins and nutrients are being taken into the body.

In addition since the day ends late and starts early, people are not able to socialize as much and have more virtual interactions than physical. People tend to have trouble getting up in the morning and experience more frequent fatigue.

As spring is beginning, the trees are starting to blossom and more oxygen is available. The birds are chirping and the world is lively. People are able to spend more time outside receiving Vitamin D, which helps with growth and bone strengthening. Also, people are able to exercise more and the increase in sunlight usually causes a more positive outlook on life. Since the weather is warming up, people realize that the darkness of winter is over and the relaxation of summer is nearing. People are able to socialize for longer periods of time due to the sun setting at later times. Also, people are able to do outdoor activities together and usually have more energy. Initially, stress levels tend to decrease.

During the harsh winter months, drink plenty of fluids, take multivitamins and exercise daily to keep anxiety levels low. Find a relaxing hobby such as meditating or binging a Netflix show to clear your mind. Regardless of the weather, stress levels decrease and increase for a variety of reasons throughout the year. Maintaining a balance between education, social life and relaxation is a struggle for most people, especially teenagers. From time to time, we must remember to enjoy the moments we are in now and not focus on what the future holds. Now, winter is officially over! Go outside and enjoy the spring while it’s here! Your body and mind will thank you.


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