An Adventure Below the Barnacles: The Little Mermaid

The famous crustaceous production, The Little Mermaid, is coming to the UDHS stage! With four showings in total, the Upper Dublin Theatre Department looks forward to taking you under the sea this Thursday through Saturday, April 7-9, as the musical is shaping up to be engaging, funny, and exciting.

“But what if I’ve already seen the movie?”

IMG_0045You will feel the same nostalgia and comfort when watching the production, as it reflects the same, familiar story of Princess Ariel from the Disney animation, but seeing the stage version is a unique experience!  Other than the obvious change of seeing your classmates taking on the roles of Ariel, Prince Eric, and the gang, distinctions between the movie and the UDHS production are visible as soon as the curtain rises. Instead of seeing your favorite characters as animated figures, actors hold puppets for Flounder [Pictured left], Scuttle, Sebastian, and the other sea creatures (made by adult technical expert, Jason Kramer). These puppets add increased dimension and entertainment value to the production.

Another change from the movie is the extended time on stage for the mersisters of Ariel. The scenes with these characters are always a laugh. From their humorous fish puns to their sarcastic gossip about Ariel in the song “She’s in Love”, they really brighten up the play. This production is altogether different from the movie and a fun experience that you should definitely see.

Who’s Who?

BannerAriel will be played by Seniors Jessica Anninos and Amanda Warkow, who will each bring her own version of the leading character to the stage. The role of Flounder, Ariel’s meek best friend, is performed by Senior Caroline Juelke. Acting as the boisterous musical composer, Sebastian, is Senior Steven Aronow, who brings his energy to the stage in the famous number “Under the Sea”. In addition, the fatherly King Triton is played by Senior Ryan Henderson, who has a large presence on stage. Scheming against Triton with her minions, Flotsam and Jetsam (played by Senior Cynthia Wambua and Junior Riley Tollen) is the sea witch Ursula, played by Senior Gabriella Bloom.

Above the sea, the scatterbrained Scuttle is acted by Senior Luda Gordinsky. She and her trio of seagulls show off their incredible tap-dancing abilities in “Positoovity,” a lighthearted and infectious song.  Senior Michael Reed-Price plays Eric, a prince with a love for the sea, who opens the musical onstage with his crew of sailors.  Leading the gang as Eric’s trusty servant is Grimsby, portrayed by Junior Jesse Burak.

But this production could not have been executed without the guidance of the lovely staff.  Most notably, Ms. Gerenyi, the theater, speech and debate, and creative writing teacher at UDHS, leads the production as the show’s director, choreographer, and costume designer. She enlists the help of adult leaders, Mr. Toll and Kyle Hanahan, who run lights and sound for the musical, respectively.


TicketsUDTLM         The cast and crew sincerely hope to “sea” you there! To buy tickets, head to as soon as possible, as the shows are selling fast and the previous UDHS production, The Wizard of Oz, sold out all performances! Tickets only cost $13 for students and seniors and $15 for adults.  Also, Saturday, April 9th at 11am is the “Under the Sea Tea” meet and greet with cast members, so bring children to meet their favorite characters! Tickets for this event can be purchased at the Township Building.

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