The 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show

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From March 5th to March 13th, the Philadelphia Flower Show took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The 2016 Flower Show theme, “Explore America”, invited visitors to become more conscious of the nation’s national parks and learn about the natural, historical and cultural beauty of the parks. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) was actively preparing to celebrate 100 years of the National Park Service. The displays of hundreds of varieties of flowers contributed to many of America’s national parks including Yosemite, Valley Forge, Yellowstone and many more. The Flower Show welcomed many visitors; those who find their passion among the flora and those who just want to view the natural wonders of America and enjoy the bright atmosphere. Through the Flower Show, The National Park Service and PHS pursue to inspire all generations to embrace the beauty of nature and get involved with preserving the environment. The National Park Service honored more than 400 national parks and hopes to expand the importance of preserving the parks. Proceeds from the Flower Show benefitted the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society who strive to provide green jobs and support community gardens that aid families in need. To learn more, visit the websites of the Philadelphia Flower Show (, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society ( and the National Parks Service (

At the Flower Show there were many vendors who displayed their artwork, products, and plants that coincided with the theme of the show. As visitors weaved their way through each booth, they were drawn in by the beautiful pieces that many local businesses had to offer. There were some exquisite items such as soaps in the shape of multiple types of fruits. Even more intriguing was the fact that they actually smelled like the real fruit! The fragrance of the soap was made possible by extracting the natural oils of the fruit. Other inspiring products include miniature garden decor made from clay and miniature teapots that were displayed in elegant shadow boxes. Despite there being a Butterfly Exhibit that further showed the beauty of nature, one booth was selling dead butterflies that were preserved between two pieces of glass. No need to worry because butterflies live for about one week, and these butterflies were raised at a butterfly farm which harvests them once they have lived out their life. Stained glass paintings, wood and rock carvings, nature themed jewelry and handmade materials were all the sensational items that were found at the Flower Show, and many visitors (including me!) were extremely fascinated by the things that these vendors had made.

The Flower Show is most notable for the hundreds of flowers that are displayed inside the convention center. Many visitors were flocking to view the countless types of flowers and plants. Common flowers such as orchids, tulips and daffodils were primly showing off their vibrant colors. Other plants such as cacti were arranged in miniature greenhouses and window garden displays. The vivid colors of all the flowers were enough to put a smile on anyone’s face and brought about a sense of inspiration that was evident throughout each section of the Flower Show. The atmosphere of the “Explore America” section, that mostly contributed to the National Park Service, reflected the actual feeling of being in a forest and walking among the flora and fauna that inhabit the trees and waterways. Many parks were replicated at the Flower Show including the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This park encompasses about 70,000 acres and aims to preserve the natural beauty of the park and allow people to visit the park to further appreciate the sights of nature (feel free to visit their website to plan a visit to the park: A memorial for Abraham Lincoln was an attraction that many visitors endeavored to view. The “Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial Indiana” portrayed the life of young Lincoln and the area of which he had grown up. Close by, an enormous replica of the Liberty Bell made of red, white and blue paper flowers had people filled with awe, and behind it was an excerpt from the constitution. Many visitors lined up to snap a photo of these small replications of the national forests that impact the lives of so many individuals and wildlife.

The display of all the wildlife was truly breath-taking and the experience of being at the Flower Show is like no other. The environment and atmosphere that surrounds the convention center during this time is inspiring thanks to the beautiful flowers, displays, vendors, and dedication of all organizations that were involved with the build-up of the Flower Show. It is unbelieveable that so many types of plants could be settled under one roof, and it is uplifting to see so many people from all over the nation coming to Philadelphia to admire the foremost thing that people should be honoring: nature.

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