Benjo vs. Laurben: The Bachelor Showdown

In America, the month of March is young but it has already prompted many questions: Trump or Hillary? Chipotle or Qdoba? And, most importantly: JoJo or Lauren?

The Bachelors Ben Higgins will have a tough decision to make in the upcoming weeks, as he has already professed his love for both of the remaining women — which is, in fact, the first time in Bachelor history that this conflict has arisen. Viewers, too, are utterly torn about who will be on the receiving end of Ben’s engagement ring. But fret no longer, dearest viewers; below is a complete rundown of Ben’s lovely ladies to help you pick a side.


Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher


JoJo, 25, is a bubbly and sweet real estate developer from Dallas, TX. The nation’s sighting of JoJo occurred when she was first displayed on camera, a comical unicorn mask concealing her face. Ben, a 28-year-old business analyst, was automatically smitten with her, taking her on dates to Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs), to the paradisiacal Jamaica, and even to his Denver hometown. Ben had repeatedly gushed about how comfortable he felt when he was with her, more so than with “anyone in [his] life.” JoJo reciprocated, admitting that she was indeed in love with him. “I just feel so lucky,” she enthused, “I don’t ever want to think about what it would be like to lose you.” Despite the fact that he’d already said those famous three words to Lauren, he felt the same love for JoJo and came clean. “JoJo? I love you too. I do.” However, their relationship has been nothing if not mercurial. “It may not have come as easy or been as clear with JoJo at the beginning,” Ben confessed, “but all that we had been through together had forced us to have some very real and deep conversations.” There was also the issue of JoJo’s brothers, who did not necessarily approve of Ben. Whether or not this was a symptom of overprotectiveness is unknown, though it was definitely a concern for the couple. But all things considered, the two have undoubtedly fallen for one another, each enjoying their total trust and compassion. Recounting their most recent date, Ben added, “I could see this woman as my wife. And I knew our future would be incredible together.”



Lauren Bushnell


Then there’s Lauren B., the 26-year-old flight attendant from Marina Del Rey, CA. Charismatic and loving, she was a fast favorite amongst everyone, Ben included. Upon their meeting, Lauren stayed true to her occupational roots, giving Ben a golden pair of wings. “I hope you are ready to take off on this journey together,” Lauren joked before parting. And take off they did, their relationship progressing much more swiftly than the others. According to Ben, “With Lauren, things just feel right … [she’s] too good to be true.” This admiration certainly came across when Lauren’s sister asked him how he felt about her. He then began to tear up at the prospect of a life with her, overcome with emotion and unable to speak. And despite her nerves about opening up, Lauren avowed that she loved him. Much to her surprise, Ben returned the favor, and they basked in their hopelessly romantic glory. Of course, their times together weren’t always this affectionate; former contestant Leah had felt threatened by Lauren’s chemistry with Ben, so she worked toward sabotage, telling Ben that Lauren couldn’t be trusted. After some initial concerns, he approached his blonde counterpart and realized that what he’d heard was false (and the fabricator was sent home). The two have also shared many heart-warming experiences: playing basketball with kids, helping baby turtles return to the ocean, riding helicopters in Mexico … and through it all, Lauren and Ben have developed what appears to be a deep and profound connection. “I simply didn’t feel like I could say it enough,” Ben disclosed, referring to his newly-spoken passion. “And just that alone let me know that this was right. And that this was the feeling I had hoped to find when I decided to embark on this journey for love. I’d found it. And I had found it with Lauren.”



So, there you have it. One man, two women. Will Ben tie the knot with JoJo, devastating Lauren? Or the other way around? The answer is pending, just like it is for Trump and Chipotle. No matter which direction Ben goes, however, it seems that he will receive his much needed happily ever after, and the nation can rest knowing that their beloved Ben is in good (ring-wearing) hands.


Who do you think Ben will get down on one knee for? Leave a comment and catch The Bachelor Mondays on ABC at 8!





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