The Science Behind It–What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Social media is known for catching people’s eyes with their tempting captions such as: “follow this account to find out what your birth month says about your love life” and “like my last 2 posts to find out what kind of guy you will marry.”  I mean, who would pass up an offer to see what kind of person their hubby-to-be is?  The only downfall is that when you click on the person’s bio, it leads you to a website that usually is just a blank web page.

color-meaningsHowever, several studies have been conducted that actually give you the results that you’ve been waiting for. Most people believe that asking someone what their favorite color is just a way to break the ice.  However, colors tell a lot more about your inner personality than you would think. They can explain personalities, strengths, weaknesses and future possibilities.  

According to writers on, blue is the most popular favorite color. Yellow is the least favorite, with only 5% of the population claiming it is their favorite color. Psychologists suggest that blue is the most popular because it is the color most shown throughout earth and is often associated with calmness and purity.   Yellow, however, is a fast moving color that tends to produce anxiety and feelings of agitation.  But, someone’s favorite color doesn’t necessarily define who they are.  Nevertheless, it can be interesting for people to see if their favorite color matches their personality.  The following descriptions are based off of writers on

If you favor red,  you are a lover of action and have a deep desire to always keep on the move.  You prefer to go through life experiences using your senses

If you favor orange, you are the social butterfly who has a great need to be accepted into a group.  Orange lovers are always craving a challenge, whether it be physical or social.

If you favor yellow, order and structure plays a big role in your life.  Those who love yellow are always using their imagination to be creative in order to express themselves.

If you favor green, you have a deep desire to be loved and to feel secure and safe.  It is critical that you receive acknowledgment and praise for the everyday things you do for others.

If you favor blue, you have a need to find your inner peace and strictly follow the policy, “my way or the highway.”

If you favor indigo, you demonstrate spiritual qualities as you long to feel at one and in harmony with the universe.  Indigo lovers also have a need to be accepted by others.

If you favor purple/violet, you are the ultimate perfectionist.  You are a selfless being who appreciates structure and wants to feel emotionally secure in aspect of your life.

If you favor pink, you are the kid that never wants to grow up and can even be considered naive.  You also crave to be accepted and to be loved unconditionally.

If you favor turquoise, you crave emotional balance in your life and like to live life your own way.  You are also associated with wisdom, sophistication and have a good self image.

If you favor black , you need to be in control and have power over all situations.  You also are sophisticated, while still showing your moody side at times.

If you favor white, you like to stress your simple and independent nature.  You also demonstrate an innocent image to those around you.

If you favor grey, you are the worst at making decisions.  Grey lovers are modest and tend to go with the flow, even if they really don’t want to.

If you favor silver, it isn’t out of the ordinary for you to be communicating with a greater spirit.  Also, to make decisions, you usually go with your gut.

If you favor gold, you are charismatic and aren’t afraid to show who you are to the people around you.  Gold lovers make their peers feel relaxed in their presence.

Additionally, the colors that you dislike can reveal your greatest weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  For example, the colors that you dislike most are often the ones that relate to areas in your life that need healing.  Also, the time which you develop the dislike of the color plays an important role. The time you start to dislike a color could be a result of a traumatic event in life, or a time of major changes. Psychologists’ studies say that by incorporating small amounts of colors that you dislike into your everyday life, you can eventually find your inner balance.

In the end, while some of the meanings of the colors may relate to you, the whole study isn’t really a science.  The topic just proves as an interesting subject that scientists are still researching today. Learning the meaning of your favorite colors, or any color at all may give you a good excuse to act a certain way.  Or, learning the significances of the colors could give you that moment of, “LOL, that’s so me!”


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