The Freshmen’s First Face-Off With Midterms

With the school year halfway over, the students of Upper Dublin High School get to celebrate by taking the much loved midterms.  Back in September, midterms and finals seemed to be abstract thoughts of the future.  But, as we approach the end of January, we begin to face the hardships of these dreaded cumulative tests. Having been down this road before, the upperclassmen are now accustomed to having to sacrifice their social lives for studying, and spending late nights at the library memorizing the endless amount of subject material. But for the poor freshmen of Upper Dublin, this is their first rodeo.  The ninth graders have had to make the great transition from the security of quarter tests at the middle school, to midterms, the high school tests that count for a substantial part of their final grade.  While some students are stressed out of their minds, others have decided to take a more practical approach by beginning early and studying a little on the nights prior to the tests.

Many freshmen have stated that they are most worried for the history midterm. “There are a lot of people, documents, and acts, and it’s hard to remember it all as opposed to other subjects where you can just understand it,” says freshman Ryan Goodman.  However, biology is on the minds of other freshmen.  Jamie Rock claims, “There’s so much to know, and it’s just really confusing.”

However, many students have been able to put their worries at ease with the help of the teachers at UDHS.  Most have provided thorough study guides and packets that greatly assist students with their studying.  But some teachers, “left their students hanging.” says Rock.  “It just makes studying even harder.”

Though the whole midterm process could be considered quite overwhelming, students received some benefits.  Most students agree that getting out early during midterms puts the them in a good mood, as well as having no other additional homework (besides studying, of course).  Yet no one is happy, “spending time on weekends studying, when you would rather be doing basically anything else,” says Goodman.

To restate, most students have been studying until their eyes hurt, but others aren’t taking the tests too seriously and have been procrastinating.  Thankfully, the people who have pushed off studying until the last minute are in luck.  With the big bad blizzard of 2016 leaving its mark, everyone, will have the perfect opportunity to hit the books.  But, no matter how much they study, all of the students will need the “odds in their favor” in order to conquer the tests.

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