Homework Assistance Program: The Beginning of a New Year

Although most clubs at UDHS have already begun, one club, the Homework Assistance Program (HAP), will be holding its first meeting tomorrow after school at Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School (TFES).

With the primary goal of helping elementary school students with their homework, HAP is an organization that was started years ago by Justin Windheim, a graduate of UDHS. To be more specific, the club was created to give students at TFES the opportunity to finish/understand their homework before going home. Today, the club’s advisor is Justin’s mother, Randi Windheim, who is the reading specialist at TFES.

Participants of the Homework Assistance Program meet every Monday and Wednesday; however, they can create their own schedules in accordance with the session dates. As the club’s first meeting is tomorrow, high school students, and more importantly, elementary school students, are getting excited to begin the 2015-2016 session.

If you still aren’t sure if HAP is right for you, take the following advice from Corey Blitzer, a returning member: “To someone thinking about joining HAP, I would tell them that they should 100% join. It is only 45 minutes out of your day. You get to make strong relationships and bonds with students which is a pretty rewarding experience.”

The meetings for HAP will go all the way through winter, ending in March, as a result of PSSA testing. Although the club lasts for only four months, the wait before the first meeting creates mounting excitement. Becky Ford, a co-president of HAP, elaborates, ”I have not bonded with one child specifically, but there is a group of boys that I always work with. It is so cool to work with them each year and see how much they change. It is really nice because we don’t see each other for the majority of the year, but when HAP starts up, we pick up right where we left off.”

Tomorrow’s meeting will be held from 3:20-4:15 at Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School. If you are interested in getting involved in HAP, or have any questions regarding the club, contact Mrs. Windheim via email:

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