Chromebooks Update

Recently, schools have begun to use technology as an educational aid for the students.  Over the summer, preceding the 2015 school year, Upper Dublin’s head of technology, Phillip Vinogradov, has been working to organize the dispensing of Chromebooks to each student in our school district. But was this helpful? Is it a useful educational tool? To see how the students and teachers view the change, we asked some of them what they thought.

When asked how the chromebooks affect the way students learn in class, Stefan Obradovic, 9th grade, says, “The Chromebooks make it easier to organize my schoolwork, and they make it easier to contact teachers.” In addition to that, Thomas Emma, 9th grade, stated that Chromebooks make him more “connected” to the learning experience. With the edition of this technology, students are able to take better notes, communicate more efficiently with their teachers and classmates, are are able to constantly have resources such as the internet and online projects available to them.  Most students seem to thoroughly enjoy the chromebooks and believe that it has made school easier and more convenient.  

Teachers have started to incorporate the Chromebooks into their everyday lesson plans. When we asked some teachers if they would recommend the incorporation of technology into other schools, Mrs. Bisio replied, “Yes, technology is our future,”. Rather than turning in hard copies, students can hand their work in online using the site Google Classroom. In fact, Mr. Palme stated that the Chromebooks allow him to be more “hands off”, and to allow students to do more self learning. These new teaching methods allow for students to be self-sufficient, as well as being able to tailor what needs to be learned to their specific learning style. Students have access to Google Docs so that their work is automatically saved into an online cloud.  The Chromebooks offer the internet as a constant resource for the kids.

Overall, the effect of the Chromebooks on the Upper Dublin High School academic environment has been very positive.  It is both boosting the efficiency of the class and exposing students to the application of technology.  Being able to navigate  technology is a very important, and the students and teachers greatly appreciate the addition of the laptops.  

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