The Great Migration

Imagine being in a cramped rubber boat filled with way more people than it was meant for. Imagine having to stay there, cold and damp for hours before crossing the border onto the island of Lesbos. Some don’t even make it; many drown during the journey. This is exactly what 600,000 and more refugees have done through trying to get to Europe. Some take even worse journeys across perilous terrain and even bigger seas. For example, some people even come all the way from the South end of Africa.

Smartphones are essential during the migration. Refugees use them to contact family members and locate the safest route to the country of destination using local satellites. They have basically become a near necessity for many refugees. In fact, many refugees from Syria are university students or doctors who have the money to have these phones. Some, after arriving onto the island of Lesbos, take selfies. But in order to solve the refugee crisis, one must understand the reason for the sudden influx of migrants.

Many refugees come from Syria because of the conflict going on there. Currently, there is a civil war going on in Syria. It had currently been four and half years of conflict between the government and jihadist militants from the Islamic State. They don’t feel safe after being threatened to join the army, or after seeing a rocket blow up near their house.  Although many ask, how is Europe doing with the sudden influx of refugees?

Currently, Europe is struggling to unify and create a concise answer to this crisis. Immigration could serve as the answer to many problems in Europe, from the declining economy to the decrease in Europe’s birthrate. Immigration could also inspire more innovations. Meanwhile, families have taken up to hosting refugees until they find a safe place to stay. Many hope that more nations in the European Union will adopt this attitude towards accepting refugees and migrants. This decision will heavily influence the future and how the rest of the world will act.  

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