French Club Spotlight


Bonjour Upper Dublin, today we are going to be diving into the roots of French Club. In Upper Dublin we have the 4 main world languages each with their own club. French Club is known for its trip to Canada, Crepes and for being an all around awesome time. I recently talked to Gianni Cocchella, Jared Pollack and Christina Fusca, 3 of the leading French Club officers, to ask a few questions and learn more about their 2 trips that they take.

  1. What is your favorite part of French Club and why?

Jared: My favorite part about French Club would have to be all of the fun activities that come out of it. We watch French movies, play games regarding the French culture, and celebrate French holidays such as Mardis Gras. As a plus, we are able to eat at French restaurants, take trips to France and Quebec, and give students a chance to learn more about the French culture.

  1. What types of activities do you do during the Quebec Trip?

Gianni: Some of the fun activities we do in Quebec include visiting the old city, tobogganing, tubing, snowshoeing, and dog sledding. In the previous trip we also visited a local school and met with french speaking students, but I believe this has been replaced with curling in the upcoming Quebec trip. One of my favorite activities was a small play that was saw about the history of Quebec where members of the audience also were able to participate in the show.  

  1. How many meetings does the club have a year and how many points do you need?

Christina: We have about one or two meetings every month and you need to get 8 points to get credit.

  1. What are you looking most forward to this year?

Jared: Definitely looking forward to the world language volleyball tournament, of which we are the current winners.

  1. What is your favorite memory from last year?

Gianni: I think my favorite memory was when the French club won the world language volleyball tournament. I also really enjoyed our trip to Cafe Beaumonde.  

  1. Is there anything else people should know about French Club?

Jared: French Club is open to all students, whether they are taking French or not (they don’t even have to take a language).

In addition, to the Quebec Trip there is also a trip to France. Madame Jones said  “Every other year we go to Paris and the South of France.  The students finally get to experience this country that they have been studying about for years.  They are completely awed by the beauty of provence.  They can put their french to use!” It is one of the highlights of year and a very memorable experience for all.

If you have questions about either trip or are interested in French Club you can see Madame Jones in Room 277. The next meeting will be on Nov 10th in the forum room after school to watch a French movie! A big thank you goes to Madame Jones, Gianni Cocchella, Christina Fusca and Jared Pollack for their help in answering all these questions. Hope to see you all at the next meeting!
-Keenan Zambelli

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