Spirit Week 2015: An Introduction

Although summer is over and cold temperatures are returning to the area, October is a time for excitement and celebration at Upper Dublin High School. Over the next month, students will have the opportunity to prepare for an action-packed Spirit Week.

As always, each day of Spirit Week will be categorized by a different theme. In other words, each day, students will be encouraged to dress-up in accordance to the theme day. The number of participating students will then be tallied in homeroom, and Spirit Week points will be appropriately awarded. This year, Monday will be college apparel day, Tuesday will be beach/Hawaiian day, Wednesday will be USA day, Thursday will be pajama day, and Friday will be color day. In addition, skit performances, pep rally festivities, and the homecoming football game will be held on October 30th.

A few days ago, I spoke to the president of the Junior class, Aaron Glatter, and discussed the ins and outs of this year’s Spirit Week. Aaron has been the president of the Class of 2017 for the past three years, so I figured he would be the perfect person to talk to. The interview is focused on this year’s junior class, who came in second place last year in an upset victory over the Class of 2016.

1)    How have the Junior class officers been preparing for this year’s Spirit Week?

“When it comes to preparing for Spirit Week, the biggest thing to remember is the earlier the better. If you plan early, it allows for time to make changes and account for external errors that might delay the planning process. The first thing to figure out is the theme. Once a theme is chosen by the class, we plan the general design of the alcove, begin writing the skit, and make the t-shirts for Spirit Day.”

2)    Do you think the Junior class has a chance to win it all this year?

“There’s no question we have a chance. We beat the Class of 2016 last year, and I know we can do it again.”

3)    Why do you think last year was a such a success for the Class of 2017?

“I think that when it comes to Spirit Week there are three deciding factors that determine a grade’s success: a hard working class cabinet, a motivated grade as a whole, and students within a grade that are willing to go that extra mile.

Its because of the entire grade’s amazing participation that we do so well in things like dress up days, can collection, quarter collection and the Big Pink Race.

Last year, I started to see many people step up and become leaders within the class. They are the type of people that spend ten hours a week alcove decorating, text their friends to remind them what to wear the next day, and scream their hearts out at the pep rally. They don’t have to put in all that effort, but they do because they have class spirit and want to win.”

4)    If you could give any advice to the freshman class/class officers in regard to spirit week, what would you say?

“You only get four Spirit Weeks in your life so make the most of them. Use the time to meet new people, bring out your creative side, and maybe try something out of your comfort zone.”

Spirit Week will be held from October 26th to October 30th. Get excited!

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