The Joys of Summer Work

by Jesse Weiner


Visualize you’re on the beach, sliding your toes in the silky sand, watching the seagulls fly, tanning your body… and writing an English essay! I’m sure if you ask any UDHS student what the highlight of their summer was, they would say their summer work. Whether you were an incoming freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, teachers gave out summer work to enhance students’ summers. Forget about relaxing cruises and amusement parks; the real thrills for students this summer were the math packets, English readings, and other projects. Summer camp is fun, but knowing that you have work hanging over your head makes it so much better!
Lee-Ann Raynor, an esteemed UD junior, remarked, “My fondest summer memories will be of the countless hours spent with my AP textbooks!” Summer work isn’t just a good time, it creates lasting memories as well! Whether it’s history in the hot tub, book reports at the beach, or math at a mountain resort, school work makes every summer vacation spot more memorable.
          Another great feature of summer work is that it serves as nice preparation for the future. As senior scholar Jill Axelrod put it, “I think it’s fantastic that UD students get a chance to delve into mountains of work during their 2 months of vacation, because they never get to experience what homework and stress is like during the school year!” Since the work during the school year often isn’t sufficient, summer work prepares students for the future, when they will have loads of work to do.
         Hard working, dedicated students like Lee-Ann and Jill know how valuable summer work is. Louis Hoffman, sophomore President, exclaimed, “There’s nothing more useful to me than memorizing the years in office of the first 18 presidents!” Work such as this is VERY crucial to students’ success, and  there’s no way they’ll forget it by the time school comes around all the way in September! After all, retaining information is so easy when you’re simultaneously doing work and snorkeling!
        So, next summer, don’t be sad that school is over, because don’t worry – it isn’t.


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