You want it? eBay’s got it.

By Aaron Glatter

Ebay logo

Founded in 1995, eBay Inc. sells millions of items online each year. Are you looking for clothes, toys, concert tickets, or even a rare collectible? Look no further―you can find them all on eBay. With so many items on one website, some are probably going to be a little strange. Here are a few odd items that you can buy on eBay:

Have you ever been at the beach and felt like there were too many people? Do you ever wish you could have the whole beach to yourself? If so, a private island may be right for you! For the low price of only $599,000.00, you can have your very own 94 acre paradise just outside the city of Hernando, Florida. Included with the island are trees, bushes, grass, and all of the bugs you could ever imagine.

Have you ever felt like the plain white paper in Pennsylvania just isn’t good enough? Do you want to spend more than just a couple of cents for paper? There is a person in West Hills, California that is selling a piece of white standard size printer paper for $900.00. At a 4,499,900% increase for what a piece of paper at Staples costs, this product must be worth the upcharge. The seller even added a note saying, “If you buy this, I give you my infinite respect.” If you think the piece of paper is a little overpriced, do not worry. It comes with free shipping!

Are you too good for Upper Dublin’s school bus system? Do you want to make your own bus schedule and never have to miss the bus again? Just buy your own school bus! A Swansea, Massachusetts resident is selling their GMC big yellow school bus for $3,995.00. At 37 feet long, this bus can fit up to 71 of your closest friends. You could even take those boring brown seats out and design the interior yourself. Add some couches, a mini fridge, maybe even a hot tub. The only problem with buying a school bus is… where do you put it?

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