Allied Art Show

By Leslie Quan

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Throughout the year, the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, andseniors at Upper Dublin High School have worked very hard on pieces of artwork during their elective periods. Everyday, students have created amazing pieces that are intricate and beautiful, whether they’re in graphic design, 2-D art, 3-D art, printmaking, or photography, the students always impress the teachers and sometimes themselves! Being an artist sometimes comes naturally, but for many others, they have to learn new skills and observe the professionals in order to improve their craft. While taking an art elective many students have made new friends or caught up with old ones, because art comes in many forms, not just from an artist. Upper Dublin High School provides students the opportunity to become the artist they want to be and experience the excitement of having their artwork in the Allied Arts Show, so everyone can admire the amount of dedication the artists put into their pieces.

Before the show, all the art teachers were quickly printing and matting the student’s photos so they could pin them on the walls in time. Many of the students were scrambling to gather last minute pieces of artwork that they wanted to be in the art show. The days before the Allied Art show were very hectic for both the teachers and students, however at the end of the day when there could be no more finishing touches, the school opened again at 5:30 p.m. for the public eye to appreciate all of the students work.

As I entered the Upper Dublin High School I was stunned to see a huge collage of artwork at the doorway. All the pieces that were in front of me were breathtaking and I could not wait to take a closer look. While I was observing every piece, I was amazed to see all the detail and creativity right before my eyes. While I continued my walk through the gallery I encountered the clay pieces from Mr. Rodgers class, and they were so realistic I was speechless. On the next table was painted Vans from Mrs. Pribis’ students and I must say that they were breath taking. Each one is creative in its own way and the complexity of each of the Vans is unbelievable. As I proceeded on my walk, I saw the most astonishing photographs from Mrs. Tulli’s students. Most of the photographs tell a story or portray a beautiful scene, many others and I stopped to admire the pictures because they were so eye-catching. Above me were beautiful painted banners and all of them were stunning, they reminded me of illustrations from a folk story. The paintings and pencil drawings that are scattered throughout the gallery are incredible and all of them were sensational. As I approached the graphic design section, I noticed a few of my artwork as well as many other students’ pieces from Mr. Squeri’s class. Many of my classmates in graphic design have created pieces of art that inspired me to try those ideas and apply them to a piece that I was working on. As I passed the graphic design area, I was in awe of the wood pieces that were created in Mr. Rodgers class. I think those pieces were probably my favorite, because not only do you have to draw a design, but you have to carve it yourself. Students in that class must be the most patient and hand coordinated people in the school.

In the Black Box Theater was the artwork from the elementary school kids and as I walked through, it reminded me of when I was a young artist. Their artwork is definitely the cutest thing ever. The middle schoolers also had their work being shown off, these pieces included CO2 cars from Mr. Hughenbruch’s class and timelines from Ms. Weiss’ class. By comparing the elementary, middle school, and high school students’ work, it is amazing to see the growth from one grade to another and how much talent every single student has and all the things everyone is capable of.

The Allied Art Show is quite a spectacular event and I was very pleased with my trip through the gallery. If you did not attend the art show, I recommend you go to the one next year and if you are taking an art course next year than I am sure your piece will be noticed in the next art show. Just be prepared to have your mind blown every step of the way, because the amount of artists and talent at Upper Dublin High School is above and beyond. I guarantee that you will be DRAWN to the all the art in next years Allied Arts Show.

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