Dancing With the Cards Champions!

By Lexi Schneider

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On March 23, student and teacher pairs took the Upper Dublin stage in hopes of becoming the next champions of Dancing with the Cards. After a long but entertaining evening, the champions were crowned. In the teacher category, Mr. Ortiz and Mrs. Sachson stole the show, while David Miron and Libby Takimoto were named champions in the student category. I spoke with David and Libby to find out what happened behind the scenes.

David and Libby’s win was not a guarantee. “I knew Libby and I had a great dance, but I wasn’t sure if we would win”, said David. Libby added, “We knew it was tough competition, especially with Jill and Eddie, as well as Christian and Brett. We figured that since we were the first student couple, the audience might’ve forgotten about us.” The audience certainly did not forget about Libby and David, however, and their exciting routine filled with high level moves left a lasting impression.

A lot of practice was needed by the couple in order to master their physically tolling tricks. “We started practicing at the end of February and we worked really hard to get down the steps. Some practices went for over two hours and we left pretty physically exhausted!” Libby exclaimed. Due to the partners’ senior year status and flexible schedules, they were able to practice every day of the week leading to the dance, David explained.

When the day of the competition finally arrived, it was time for David and Libby to put their hard work to show. “I’m not sure if stages and audiences are really my thing,” said David, “It was my first time [on stage] and it was pretty startling at first.” Libby agreed, saying, “Dancing in front of the whole audience was most definitely nerve wracking. I thought I was going to forget the dance (which at one point I actually did!) but when we got on stage the lights were so bright that we couldn’t see the audience at all so it wasn’t too terrible.” Libby’s and David’s nervousness was invisible to the audience however, and the dance seemed to go flawlessly. When all the dances had come to a close, the results were announced by the hosts, Michael Reed Price and Annie Stohler, and despite the extremely tough competition, David and Libby had taken the prize!

Dancing with the Cards is not only a wonderful community event, but also supports a great cause. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Children’s Tumor Foundation, an organization committed to helping children with neurofibromatosis (NF). NF is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nervous tissue, such as the brain and spinal cord. Donations to the Children’s Tumor Foundation are of great importance, since they help make lives easier for kids with NF, as well as their families. Libby agrees with the importance of the charity, saying “I’m so glad I had the chance to participate in such an amazing event for an even better cause.”

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