A Night to Remember

By Hannah Lamberg

Prom news

Dresses that sparkle in the dim lights of the dance floor, suits that make the teenage boys of the eleventh grade seem like men, smiles permeating across each and every person’s face, this is what I witnessed at Junior Prom this year. I have always been excited for my very first prom. The dress, shoes, jewelry, dancing, etc; they all seemed super appealing to me! I knew that I would enjoy myself, but I truly did not ever expect to have as much fun as I did that night. After many conversations with fellow juniors, I was certainly NOT the only person that felt this way.Everyone who I saw there seemed to have a very fun time, starting with the limos and party buses driving into the parking lot. Almost every one of my friends came to this dance, and it was a time where all of us could hang out together. Everyone in the grade seem to get along perfectly, even if there was drama going on. Any fighting was left at home, and all I could see were smiles worn on the faces of my fellow students shaking it on dance floor and waiting in the buffet line.

Though a lot of fun, a night like this does not happen very easily, as junior, Annika Puskar, shares, “This twice in a lifetime kind of experience was a lot of prep, but a lot of fun.” There was tons of planning by the Junior Class officers going on weeks prior to this event. Vice President of the Junior Class, Jillian Axelrod, reveals, “Planning prom involved everything from choosing the masquerade theme and decorations, to putting together a killer playlist for the night. It was such a cool experience to work with the other class officers: Gloria, Colin, and Steven, to make it a prom where hundreds of students really came together as a grade and had an incredible time.” As Jillian put it, this year’s junior prom was a great one indeed.

The class even came together as a result of the prom. Specifically, in order to earn money for the junior class while get corsages and boutonnieres for many of the students, the class organized a fundraiser. Jillian clarifies, “…And this year we were even able to raise funds for our class by selling corsages with the help of Ambler Flower Shop!”

On another note, the class also came together on the dance floor. As junior Philip Massey expresses, “Dancing gives a new sense of unity to the student body. Everybody just loves everybody through partying and having a good time.” The amount of times that a majority of a high school class can come together and unite as one is a rarity in itself, and for the students to have a fabulous time while uniting as a group is even more rare. At this year’s Upper Dublin High School junior prom, both occured, which made this night even more special for everyone who attended and all of the staff that helped to supervise.

Students were big fans of the food, as well. There was an array of food there, from vegetables to tortellini, to chicken tenders; there was something for everyone to munch on, which I especially liked. Phil notes, “I do admit that the songs and dancing were amazing, but so was the dinner… We definitely can’t forget about that!”

In addition, the dance floor was as packed as the buffet lines. I, along with my friends, and all of the other fellow attendees of the prom really enjoyed the great variety of music that the DJ played.

As fellow juniors Jillian, Philip, and Annika have noted, this year’s Junior prom was spectacular. For everyone who came they all had a great time this event was one not to miss. Such a great night had so many positives, but only one negative comes to mind. With such a good junior prom this year, the junior class will need to have as good a senior prom for next year. Let’s see if they will be able to do it because this one was so great that it will definitely be difficult to beat.

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