Netflixitis: An Overview

By Jesse Weiner


What is Netflixitis?
Netflixitis is a very common virus that is spreading across the globe. It is caused by watching too much of the internet video streaming provider Netflix, also known as “binge watching.”

What are its symptoms?
Netflixitis can cause:
-Lack of homework completion
-Poor test grades
-Lack of sleep
-Quoting of popular television characters
-Mediocre social skills
-Incapability of leaving the computer or television
-A loss of $7.99 a month

Am I at risk?
Unfortunately, everyone is at risk of contracting Netflixitis. Although it mostly affects teenagers, Netflixitis can also affect adults. It is first spread by word of mouth, which then leads to the victim beginning to watch a certain show. The victim will then be unable to stop, and will pay for more months of Netflix. This leads to the symptoms listed above.

How can I prevent Netflixitis?
Scientists have discovered that Netflixitis can often be prevented by…
-Saying “no” when peers tell you to watch a certain show
-Going without any electronics for an extended period of time
-Stopping your Netflix account after your one free month

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