New Year, New Music

By Julie Ostroff


2014 left us with some great new music, and this year promises to do the same. In just January alone, over 20 albums were already released, including Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Special,” featuring the catchy hit “Uptown Funk,” and Fall Out Boy’s “American Beauty/American Psycho.” With many new albums to be released this year, there will surely be varying styles to suit all music taste. Many albums already have release dates. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to new music, and can’t wait until a band or artist I like release something new. Music is an important part of the day for me, and I know it is for others too. Here’s your chance to find out some new albums coming out this year!

March will surely be an exciting month, featuring the releases of various genres of music. On March 3rd, pop singer Kelly Clarkson will release her album “Piece by Piece,” featuring the single “Heartbreak Song.” This album also includes a song featuring John Legend. Post-hardcore band Sleeping With Sirens will come out with their 4th album, titled “Madness,” on March 17th. “Ludaversal” by hip-hop artist Ludacris will be released at the end of March on the 31st. Those are some of the exciting new music to look forward to in March.

If nothing in March interests you, there’s no need to worry — many more albums will be released in April. To kick off April, “Froot” by Marina and the Diamonds, an indie pop group, will be out on April 3rd. On April 7th, alternative band All Time Low will release their long awaited 7th album “Future Hearts.” They will also be in the Philadelphia area in May for a recently announced tour. Passion Pit, an alternative dance band, will release “Kindred” on April 21st. Shawn Mendes, a newer pop artist, will release his first album “Handwritten” on the 28th, rounding out the month of April.

There are not many other albums with official released dates after April, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more that have been announced. While some of the albums already have titles, others do not. Alternative artist, Lana Del Rey, will release her fourth official album entitled “Honeymoon” later this year, along with alternative rock band Coldplay with “A Head Full of Dreams,” and hip hop artist Drake with “Views from the 6.” Also soul/pop artist Adele, metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon, R&B artist Rihanna, rock band Fleetwood Mac, and pop punk band Simple Plan have albums planned for 2015.

Whether you’re into pop, rock, hip hop, metal, or any other genre, there’s sure to be an album coming out this year that you’ll love. If it wasn’t mentioned here and you want to know if a band or artist you like will be releasing new music, following them on social media can help you find out. You can also try checking official websites for the latest news. Music is a diverse and exciting interest, and 2015 will surely be a great year to enjoy it!

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