Love Rosie: The Cringing Story of a Blissful Fate

By Hannah Lamberg


Love Rosie was such an amazing read! I first learned about it through watching the movie trailer. The movie was coming out on demand in a week, and, after watching each and every fabulous movie trailer at least twenty times, I decided that I absolutely NEEDED to read this book before seeing the movie.

The book did not disappoint. Love Rosie was by far the best novel that I have read in quite a long time. It will please anyone from the simple romantics to the drama seekers and will make the literature lovers crave more.

Immediately, the reader notices that the novel is written entirely in either emails, phone calls, instant messages, and letters between two childhood best friends. This, at first, I thought would make the story difficult to follow, but it actually made the book seem shorter and more appealing.

Oddly, the most enjoyable part of this book for me was that the reader is aware of how the story ends from the very start. The major romance in this book between Rosie and Alex is destined to occur, yet obstacles continue to hinder it. But despite these conflicting decisions, the romance ultimately prevails. A connection this strong can resist anything attempting to crush it. Somehow, my favorite parts of this book were those that made me cringe the most– in anger and annoyance and sadness. They made the ending that much more spectacular. This book was not a cliché love story in the slightest.

This novel was also amazing because it establishes a parallel between Rosie, a mother, and her daughter Katie. Events that occurred in Rosie’s life that Rosie could not comprehend can be seen throughout Katie’s life. In this way, Rosie is given the opportunity to essentially relive parts of her own life through her child. This makes a statement on what it means to be a parent– to fix the mistakes that you made for yourself.
A heart-wrenching drama about the challenges of life, love, and time, this fantastic novel is an absolute must-read.

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