Fishing for Advice: March Edition

By Jeffrey Fishman

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1. I need advice – what do I do if my Twitter gets hacked?

I know exactly how to save your account, since ironically my Twitter account was recently hacked! My friend from camp sent me a link, which seemed to be a funny video or picture. By clicking it, the link connected my account to a hacker who sent the same link to all of the people that I follow. I knew my Twitter account was no longer safe, but since I did not want to lose the account, I asked my tech-savvy friend how to salvage it. He directed me to go through the following steps: First, I tweeted, telling all of my followers not to open the link. If your account got hacked in a similar way, following this step could prevent a school wide epidemic and will save you from having a lot of people angry at you. Next, you need a computer, since the regular site (unlike the mobile app) is able to detect unusual activity. Sure enough, as soon as I logged in to my Twitter account on my laptop, it told me that suspicious behavior had been discovered. Twitter then made me change my password in order to make my account safe again. Even if Twitter does not detect suspicious behavior, you should change your password via Twitter’s website on your own. This will make sure that your account is secure, and you should be able to safely tweet yet again!

2. The elections for the S.G.A. Steering Committee are coming up soon. Should I run?

If you feel passionate, you should definitely attempt to run for a position on the Student Government Association’s Steering Committee. The more that you get involved in S.G.A., the more rewarding the organization will be. I believe that this is true for all school clubs and activities. Earning a leadership position in any club can make that school activity more fun and worthwhile. If you are afraid of losing, do not let your fear hold you back! Even if you lose, there is always next year!

3. I really like this guy, but he used to go out with one of my close friends. They are still friends, so I do not know how to tell her. What should I do?

What’s most important is to tell your friend your true feelings. If you really like this guy, then your friend is bound to find out eventually. Therefore, hiding the information from your friend will just make the revelation a big deal and may cause an argument. If your friend is a true friend, then she will understand, having been interested in him herself, and will want both of you to be happy. Even though it may be a little awkward at first, you will not be happy until the truth is off your chest and you follow your heart.

4. A lot of my friends are taking Honors classes next year, so I decided to take two in order to be with them. I really do not think this is right for me, but I do not want them to think that I am not smart enough. Any advice?

You should never take an Honors class just to be with your friends. I would try to take classes that will challenge you if you are willing to work hard; however, if you do not think you are ready, Honors classes could lead to a painful year. You should discuss your course selections with your teachers and guidance counselor; they can give you an honest assessment of readiness for the more rigorous classes. Also, if you are only taking Honors courses to be with you friends, I would search for another school activity that you could all do together. This can be a fun way to stay connected with friends while hanging out and having a good time. And never forget, being in classes with different people can lead to new friendships!

5. I just broke up with my boyfriend and I do not know how to cheer myself up, HELP!!☹☹

Personally, I think you need some “girl time.” In all seriousness, spending time with your true friends will take your mind off of the break-up and will remind you how many people love you. Also, ice cream is always helpful. (The movies do not lie!) Lastly, once you are over the break up, I would try to get back out there. There are a lot of good guys at Upper Dublin. Who knows? Maybe your new boyfriend could be right around the corner!

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