Club Spotlight: Science Olympiad

By Amanda Yang

Science olympiad

The Science Olympiad Club at Upper Dublin High School is not short of fun or excitement. With approximately 25 students in the club, Science Olympiad is a great way for students who are interested in different areas of science to come together and compete in different science related events.

Over 14,000 teams from different high schools across the United States and Canada participate in the Science Olympiad competition. There are various science and engineering competitive events. Some of the events include subjects pertaining to ecology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, physics, and much more. There are both testing and building events. Fifteen students are selected for the testing team. Each student can sign up for 3 different testing events. For the building portion of the competition, anyone can help build the models.

On March 4, Upper Dublin High School’s Science Olympiad Club went to compete in the annual competition held at Neumann University. It was a day-long event of fun activities and intense events. Each event takes approximately 50 minutes each. When students are not participating their respective events, there were a bunch of fun science games that students could get involved in. The event finally concluded with an awards ceremony.

The club had an overall great and memorable time at the competition. Student Reehan Siraj said, “Science Olympiad is a great club. We all had an amazing time at the competition, and we bonded a lot as a team.”

Freshman Anne Liu added, “The competition was a great experience and I had lots of fun there!”

Michael Deng, the president of the team, exuberantly professed,“Our team this year is more passionate, capable and determined than ever before. We have achieved so much as a team this year, and I am so proud.”

Science Olympiad is definitely a wonderful experience for all involved.

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