Ready to Promenade?

By Angelina Han

Chic black silver gold mask

Prom. A night where girls dress up in long, glamorous gowns while the guys tidy up in a nice suit and tie. It’s a night to remember… at least according to High School Musical. This year’s junior class will look back on this day, March 21st, to relive their Masquerade Ball (the dance theme).

This is a dance that couldn’t have happened without the diligent planning of the Class of 2016’s class officers: Colin Bachman, president, Jill Axelrod, vice president, Steven Aronow, secretary, and Gloria Han, treasurer.

There were many decisions that had to be made in the process. Colin recounts, “From the beginning planning stages to where we are now, it’s been great working with with such an awesome team of officers and of course we couldn’t do it without Jambo (Mr. Garner) and Mrs. Kowalski! Most of the decision making that went into it was the basics, price, date, when to sell tickets, etc. But there were also some other really fun things we got to decide, like the theme and party favor. One of the other things we organized was our new fundraiser: selling corsages and boutonnieres. This was a new one for us, so I organized a meeting with the owner of the Ambler Flower Shop and we got an amazing deal together that could make this a really profitable fundraiser!” Selling flowers was an innovative and brilliant idea that no class has done before. As the saying goes, they were able to “kill two birds with one stone.”

He continues, “What I’m most looking forward to, in plan, is just having an awesome night with my class! We’ve put a lot of hard work into making prom as fun and (profitable) as possible. It’s been an awesome build-up of anticipation these past few weeks and I’m excited to see it all come together.”

Gloria was also able to shed some light on how she thinks the dance will go, “Well I think that the dance will be successful. The officers and our class advisors have put a lot of planning to his and we hope that everyone has a good time. We have a customized song list with a lot of contemporary, as well as throwback songs that I think my peers will enjoy, as well as a photo booth where I hope people will record memories that they make that night.” From what’s been said, the dance sounds fantastic! Throwback songs never fail to disappoint, and the photo booth is just the icing on the cake. It’s events like these that make me really hate being a freshman.

Before the interview was over, Colin was left with one final question, “On a scale from one to a GT, where do you think it’s (the dance) at?” His answer should not disappoint anyone, “And on a scale from 1 to GT, undoubtedly off the scales. We’ve got our top scientists punching the numbers, but this is going to be a 5,000,000 on the GT scale!”

*Junior Prom sounds absolutely unbelievable. Have fun to all attending, but please remember to “dance like your grandma’s watching.”

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