The InterReview

by Momo Sandler


The satirical comedy, one of the utmost controversial topics throughout the nation, The Interview, hit theaters December 24th. When I heard the synopsis of the movie, I was initially intrigued. However, after I saw the movie for myself, I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, any work of Seth Rogen’s is instinctively going to be funny, but this cinema work didn’t live up to its standards. James Franco did a decent job of playing the narcissistic TV host, Dave Skylark. As well, Seth Rogen did an adequate job of portraying the show’s journalist, Aaron Rapaport. The acting didn’t affect my discouraging reaction to the movie; it was more the quality of humor that lagged. A majority of the time, it seemed as if the jokes that were made were forced. In any work that I have seen with James Franco and Seth Rogen, from Freaks and Geeks to Pineapple Express, I was dazzled. The farce components of the film weren’t completely waned, especially when Skylark and Kim Jung Un were singing along to Katy Perry and sharing their love of margaritas. Even though the banter wasn’t that tremendous, I was rather impressed with the movie’s cinematography. My overall impression of the affects of the movie were based off of one scene in particular. The scene that captured my attention was when Kim Jung Un’s helicopter was shot down and utmostly exploded. Usually in films, when an object explodes, it is in a rapid motion. Yet, in the film, they slowed down the actual explosion of the helicopter, adding exponential effects that inclusively captivated me. My overall notion of the movie is that it wasn’t horrific nor the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, but it was merely entertaining.

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