Satire Hits Photography

By Momo Sandler
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This year in the photography realm, Mrs. Tuli has been introducing more innovative and creative assignments for the students. The Satire project was particularly intriguing, as artists used satirical humor through images to evoke responses from viewers.

I was particularly interested in Junior Olivia Rosenfeld’s work. When asked about her theme and inspiration, Olivia shared, “[The] satire I chose was how everyone has Apple products, specifically iPhones. So, I wanted to make fun and compare Apple products to real apples. I took pictures of [any classmates who] had an iPhone, and then I showed those same people instead holding a [real] apple. I thought it was funny. What inspired me was the avid use of Apple products and how quickly it has taken over our lives. For the better? I don’t know. But I wanted to portray this in my photos.”

The premise of her project captivated me, because so many people from young kids to adults are glued to their smartphones. I asked her, “Because you feel that people are so consumed with their apple products, do you plan on changing this/ have a need for this sort of change?” After careful consideration, Olivia said, “While I do think that people are on their phones way too much, in the most recent years or whatever, since iPhones and androids, I cannot say that I am going to try and stop it because I am unfortunately guilty of this. But I can say that the times when my phone dies, are some pretty splendid times in my life. So maybe I should stop using my phone so much, and maybe this project will help us all to become more aware and less dependent people of society.”

Since many students created different interpretations through their Satire pieces, I asked Olivia how she felt she represented her theme. She explained, “Um, I don’t know if I represented as specifically as other people, but I took my own spin on it and I think it turned out humorous and entertaining for the audience, which was my goal.”

The photography projects, as well with all art projects, aren’t just a pretty picture to look at, they convey meaning and depth. So the next time you find yourself wandering the art hallway, stop and look for a while at the fantastic art work that students have constructed.

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