2014 Warmest Year Yet

By Timothy Feng

Bm gistemp map 2014 withyear

Climate change is a big problem because of how much of an affect it can have on the environment and our lives. Since 1880, scientists have been keeping records on the global climate. The industrial revolution marked the beginning of global warming and since then, the temperatures have been slowly increasing. 2005 and 2010 were the warmest years ever recorded, where temperatures where an average of 0.65°C warmer than last century’s average, until 2014 where the average temperature was 0.69°C warmer than the previous century’s average temperature despite the cold temperatures American has been experiencing. The global ocean surface temperatures were the warmest ever as well, being over 0.55°C. These trends are showing warmer years to come which will result a greater disturbance to the environment as well as cause more natural disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons as well as affect the economy from the damages caused and lots of productivity when the weather affects work.

Because of the rising issue of global warming and climate change, a groups of institutional investors, including two of Europe’s largest asset managers and pension funds, announced that they have joined with the United Nations Environment Program donating 100 billion dollars to help reduce our carbon footprint. With this huge donation, and many nations pledging to become more eco-friendly, we may be able to minimize the affect we are having on this world. But in order do that, we as individuals have to give our best effort as well and do whatever we can do help out the environment.

One simple ways to become more eco-friendly and with climate change is simply using less energy. Using less energy is important because almost all of the time we use energy, it releases heat as well as green house gasses that trap heat in our atmosphere.

Some ways to use less energy are:
1. Switch all your light bulbs to LED
2. Lower your thermostat in the winter and wear sweater
3. Unplug devises when they are not being used
4. Prevent energy leaks at your home

Besides using less energy, using less resources is also important in saving the environment. Basic ways to use fewer resources are cut the amount of water you use and reuse what you have instead such as plastic bags or water bottles.

Saving the world isn’t hard, as long as everyone puts in an effort. With the ongoing climate change, more and more people are aware of it and it’s huge effects it can have on the Earth. It is essential that everyone starts as soon as possible in trying to save the world so that the damages done to earth will be minimized.

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