Thespian Inductions

By Angelina Han

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Well, that’s a wrap for the Thespian Inductions of 2015. On February 26th, “regular status” Drama Club members, were inducted into the International Thespian Society, a Theatre Honors Society. The ceremony was simple, yet emotional as current members of Upper Dublin’s Thespian Troupe 5900 initiated the honored guests. The new inductees, and their grades, are as follows: Riley Tollen (10), Kinu Kaur (10), Eryn Cohen (10), Maxx Levin (10), Sam Tracton (10), Jason Pohl (10), Gianni Cocchella (11), and Elizabeth Tanous (12).

It was a really touching moment when current members shared memories of their inductees to those who attended. Some were even able to embarrass the newcomers— all in good fun, of course. After all the speeches finished, the ceremony wrapped up with everyone receiving a golden pin and a certificate, and lastly, saying the Thespian pledge.

Senior Cole Lederhandler, who is President of UD’s troupe, explained what was so special about the whole concept. According to Cole, ” Being in the Thespian troupe is being in the honors society of drama club. It’s a pretty small group within the wide spectra of Drama Club. It’s like a little family who all love theatre so much and have spent a lot of their time in the extracurricular activities that they deserve the recognition for it.” This is certainly true, since in order gain entry, rather than the 25 points required for Drama Club credit, students must earn at least 5 more points for two years, in order to become eligible.

The membership really is worthwhile. Not only will the Thespians be able to become closer with the others, but they will also gain a greater experience when attending the statewide Pennsylvania Thespian Conference in December.

“We basically spend a long weekend at another high school watching a bunch of other high school productions. It’s really amazing to see all the work that goes into it, and there’s always so many new friends to make there,” Cole explained. I can attest to that these shows are absolutely phenomenal. Becoming a Thespian is a moment that all dedicated Drama Club members look forward to, and it can easily be seen why.

Congratulations to all of the new inductees of Upper Dublin’s Thespian Troupe!

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