Club Spotlight: Hooked on Books!

By Amanda Yang

Hooked on books

Enjoy reading, spending time with friends, and meeting new people? Then the UDHS Hooked on Books Club is the perfect place for you! Participants read wonderful novels and share ideas and experiences from literature with others who share a common interest. It is a great medium to read various books of all different genres during the busy school year.

The club meets twice a month to discuss the works from the reading list and have fun with fellow club members. Every month the club hosts a team-building event for its members to get involved in.

Recently Hooked on Books hosted the 4th annual Bookathon. The Bookathon is a 12-hour fundraiser, which took place from February 12th to February 13th. The club members slept over at the school library all night long reading books, playing games, watching book-based movies, and eating snacks. It was a great opportunity for the members to read more books and develop closer bonds between teammates through friendly competitions and games. The club also held a raffle during the Bookathon, in which participants could submit a ticket for every 100 pages they read. Winners of the raffle could earn prizes such as whole pizzas, an Elevation Burger coupon, chocolate, and books.

During the Bookathon, sponsors donated two cents to a book charity in Philadelphia for each page that was read. A total of 5,000 pages were read that night and the club raised approximately $200. The event was ultimately a fantastic way for club members to read more, become closer with teammates, and help raise money for a charity.

Club member Valerie Wan explains, “It was a really fun event that we always love to hold every year!”

Another exciting event is coming up next month for Hooked on Books. The club will be participating in a competition competing against other local schools. Hooked on Books will split into teams and each team will compete against another school’s team on a set list of books. The mediator will ask one of the two competing teams a question based on one of the books off the reading list. The team will then discuss the question and come up with an answer. If that team answers incorrectly the other team has the chance to “steal” the question. A point will be given for each correct answer. Different leveled ribbons will be given out to the participating teams depending on how many total points were accumulated. We wish good luck to our UD Hooked on Books teams as they go on to compete next month!

Overall, Hooked on Books provides the ideal environment to enjoy the company of book lovers dedicated to reading books and having a great time!

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