Fishing for Advice: November Edition

By Jeffrey Fishman

Life as a high school student can be very difficult. From heavy workloads at school to your boyfriend not answering your texts, the high school experience piles stress on top of stress. No matter how hard you try, you are bound to run into some problems. That is why I am here: to guide you through the daily struggles of being in high school. Whether you need help studying for a class or you are having relationship or personal problems, I will always be willing to answer your questions and provide advice. Who knows? You could also be helping someone else who has the very same problem. So, if you are ever fishing for advice, write in to me for solutions.

1. My little brothers and sister are so loud after school and it prevents me from studying. This has caused my grades to suffer. What should I do?

As a first try, I would create a study corner where you would be less likely to hear your brothers and sister. For example, maybe try studying in a corner of your basement, your bedroom, or even in your attic. Also, even though it may not seem like the “cool” thing to do, you could try talking to your parents to work out a plan. Hopefully, your parents will understand that you need a quiet place to study and perform well in school. Lastly, if all else fails, you should try to find a new place to study. The library is right across the street from our school. It is usually quiet in there and there is computer access. You can even try going to a friend’s house to study if you do not think you will get distracted.

2. My best friend since sixth grade has started to hang out with new people. I feel like we are not as close anymore. What can I do to win her back?

First of all, it sucks that your best friend is spending less time with you. However, true friends will always be there for you when you need them. Eventually, your best friend will most likely remember that you have been with them from the beginning and that no one knows you like they do. For now, I would continue to ask her to hang out with you. What is the worst that could happen? Her saying “no”? Also, I would try joining a few clubs or other extracurricular activities and try to make new friends. Remember that high school is supposed to be one of the best times of your life, and if you best friend does not want to be a part of it, then that is her problem.

3. History is killing my GPA! No matter how long I study for, I just cannot memorize the material. Do you have any studying tips that could help me?

I totally agree! History can be a lot of memorization. For starters, I would attempt to start reviewing material learned in class every night. This way, by time the test roles around, you will at least be familiar with the information. Additionally, I personally find flashcards extremely helpful when dealing with memorizing facts. I love using Quizlet to help me study. Lastly, if you continue doing poorly in the class, I would definitely talk to your teacher. Even though it may seem a little bit scary and embarrassing, it will show that you are looking for help and that you are trying.

4. In middle school, I could finish my homework in less than an hour. Now that I have so much more homework, I feel like I never have time to spend with my friends. It is too late to drop one of my honors classes, but my social life is dying! What should I do?

I believe that scheduling your time will be key in your situation! I personally like making a list of the things that I want to complete each day. Therefore, I can leave at least one day a week for free time if I follow my schedule. High school should be fun. You should be able to still spend time with friends and maintain a social life. However, organization is imperative!

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