Upper Dublin Theatre Department Presents High School Musical Jr.

By Leslie Quan


Upper Dublin’s Theatre Department presented High School Musical Jr on January 17th and 18th, in the Performing Arts Center. Michael Reed-Price, played Troy Bolton and he definitely had “his head in the game” throughout the production. His appearance in the number, Get’cha Head In The Game, portrayed Troy trying to focus on basketball, instead of Gabriella, who is played by Amanda Warkow. All throughout the musical Troy gets in a few casual arguments with his father, Jack Bolton, who is played by Anthony Aquino. Not only is Jack Bolton involved in arguments with his son, but also the East High School musical director, Ms. Darbus, who was played by Morgan MacNaughton. Although love was brewing between Troy and Gabriella, many other relationships continued to form, including Chad Danforth, played by Peter Berger and Taylor McKessie, played by Jessica Anninos. The East High School Cheerleaders showed lots of spirit and excitement when they came down the aisles waving their pom-poms in high enthusiasm, which got the audience pumped up for the Decathlon and the basketball championships.
One of my favorite numbers was Stick to The Status Quo. This song portrayed nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, and thespians admitting to being who they are not known for. Martha Cox, played by Cynthia Wambua, showed she like to “pop, lock, jam and break” by displaying her moves atop the cafeteria table. Zeke Baylor, played by Shane Gardner, expressed his passion of baking, but was quieted by his jocks. However the song soon ends with the arrival of Sharpay and Ryan Evans played by Lauren Kintzley and Riley Tollen, who “bopped their way to the top” in the school’s musical Juliet and Romeo.
The entire cast of High School Musical Jr was truly, “soaring and flying” to an overwhelming appraisal from the audience by their cheers and applause. Thank you to everyone that helped produce this amazing production, it is surely going to be remembered for years to come. Everyone is sure to know what team? WILDCATS!

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