Sia Has an “Elastic Heart” for Her New Music Video

By Ye Ji Han


Shia LaBeouf in a music video to dance? He doesn’t dance. The music video for Sia’s “Elastic Heart” was released January 7th this year and features the actor himself and Maddie Ziegler — as dancers. On its first day of release, ” Elastic Heart” had 11+ million views and now has over 52 million.
Ziegler makes a reappearance from Sia’s last video for her song “Chandelier”. Dressed in the same attire as before, a blond wig and nude leotard, Ziegler danced with LaBeouf in a bird cage setting. Seems innocent, right? Well, that would be true if LaBeouf wasn’t 28 years old, over twice the age of his co-star, and wearing nude underpants. Both appear to be interacting with each other, fighting and chasing one another, in the cage along with the song playing in the background. As the video is growing in popularity, so does the controversy of perversion. While some viewed the video at an artistic point of view, others have been saying the video itself is ” disgusting” or extremely pedophilic. This originates from the age difference between the two, the nude leotards, and the constant touching that seems to happen throughout the video. Due to the large uproar, Sia has even addressed the issue via Twitter:“I apologize to those who feel triggered by #ElasticHeart My intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody.” So far, Shia LaBeouf has yet to say anything on the matter.
Besides the perverted opinions on the video, the response to “Elastic Heart” ‘s concept has been positive, as well. In the comment section on Youtube, there are some that believe the two characters are playing Sia’s inner struggles or perhaps a strained father-daughter relationship.
When asked about the video itself, Anne Liu, a freshman at UDHS responds , “My first reaction was that it was just creepy, but as I thought about it, I understood that the video might have been portraying a daughter trying to save a father from something or a very bad father-daughter relationship. When the music stopped at the end, I felt that the feeling got more mysterious as Shia just kind of gave up, which also impacted the audience to get the emotion Sia was possibly going for.” She had a great deal to say about the video but did not comment much on the actual song.
It has become such a large issue that the popularity of the song itself has risen to #17 on the charts in its debuting week. To compare, “Chandelier”, her last hit, debuted at #75. “Elastic Heart” was originally written for the Hunger Games movie trilogy Catching Fire, which is where the idea for the bird cage in the music video came from.
Day by day, the singer is increasing in fame and fortune from the new video but also some criticism.

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