Club Spotlight: Chemistry Club

By Amanda Yang

Chemistry club

One of the coolest clubs in Upper Dublin High School is Chemistry Club. With over one hundred members, Chemistry Club has meetings every third Tuesday of the month in Dr. Price’s classroom for everyone to gather together and conduct fun chemistry experiments. At the same time, everyone socializes with friends and meet other students who share a common interest in chemistry.
Chemistry Club has definitely done some cool experiments this year so far. One of them was making Borax Bouncy Balls. Using Borax, students were able to make their very own bouncy ball in less than ten minutes. This cute experiment really showed how marvelous science is and how different substances can react together to form wondrous products. With a huge smile on her face, freshman Preethi Mysore said, “The bouncy ball experiment was a blast! The colorful rolls of science provided days of fun and gave me limitless entertainment.” At the very end, the room was filled with an assortment of different bright colors of bouncy balls that the students all really enjoyed.
As if bouncy balls weren’t cool enough, Chemistry Club members also got to make their own lava lamps. With just food coloring, oil, water, and seltzer tablets, students easily made their lava lamps in five minutes. As she proudly holds up her lava lamp freshman Sammi Chadrow says, “It is fun to do experiments with friends and try new things that we wouldn’t usually do. You get to try new things with science, and it is really cool to see all the things you didn’t even know you can do.”
Ultimately Chemistry Club is definitely a unique experience for all interested in the marvelous subject of science or who simply want to have a good time. It is also a great way to spend some time with friends and meet new people. The club officers and the members are all so friendly and together make the experience enjoyable.

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