New Fall Show: Red Band Society

By Julie Ostroff

Suspense, drama, and unlikely friendships- Three things that Fox’s new show “Red Band Society” has a lot of. There are many different characters, each with their own story. When they find themselves having to live amongst each other, many conflicts arise and many promises are broken. This show is sure to keep you wanting more.
“Red Band Society” is Fox’s new drama about different teens being forced to live together in a hospital, despite their differences. The pilot episode aired on Wednesday, September seventeenth, giving a taste of what the show would be all about. The main characters were introduced, including Leo Roth, Kara Sounders, Emma Chota, Jordi Palacios, Dash Hosney, Nurse Jackson, and the narrator, Charlie Hutchison. This show is unique because Charlie is narrating the story while in a coma. It adds something cool and different to this new fall show.
If the plot pf the show doesn’t have you hooked, then the characters sure will. Each character has their own problem to deal with, as well as the conflicts that arise with each other. Leo is learning to live with only one leg; Kara has an enlarged heart, and is struggling to get on the list for a new heart; Emma is trying to live with her eating disorder; Jordi is the newcomer, and he is learning about what it is like to live with cancer; Dash has a disease that affects the lung and digestive system; And Charlie is in a coma. Other characters include Nurse Jackson, the strict, yet caring nurse, Brittany, the new perky nurse, and Dr. McAndrew.
Although there are some negative thoughts about the show, there are also many positive ones. People magazine refers to “Red Band Society” as “FOX’s excellent new comedy-drama.” and say that it “could turn out to be one of the best new shows of the fall.” It has also received many more positive comments about the plot and characters.
If you enjoy love triangles, secrets, and conflict, then this can be a new show for your Wednesday nights. Be ready to develop your opinions on characters, and follow along with the drama. Tune into Fox at nine o’clock on Wednesday nights to watch “Red Band Society.”

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