Latin Club Pumpkin Painting

By Amanda Yang

Pumpking painting

The beautiful fall season is upon us. It is that beautiful time of the year when the leaves that are crunching under our feet turn into vivid colors – bright red and different shades of orange.

We have been enjoying the cool crisp air, freshly baked, warm pumpkin pie, and sweet apple cider.
We all know it is also time for Halloween!

To celebrate fall and Halloween, the Upper Dublin Junior Classical League, also known as our Latin Club, has recently held the annual Pumpkin Painting event.

Latin club advisors Magistra Koons and Magistra Moller and the student members gathered together after school on October 29, 2014 to paint small pumpkins in the Latin classroom. The classroom looked a little different because there were a bunch of cute bright orange pumpkins sitting on each desk across the room. The pumpkin painting was a great social event for club members to sit together and talk to each other while enjoying delicious cheese and crackers and other tasty refreshments and treats. Club members from every single grade had fun being creative in decorating their own pumpkins in their own way.

Latin club is not short of art talents, enthusiasm, and creativity. There were all sorts of creatively and wonderfully decorated pumpkins that are out of anyone’s imaginations. There was a beautiful flower garden pumpkin, a bright red pomegranate pumpkin and even a SpongeBob pumpkin! A wide variety of fun colors were used to coat the pumpkins with all sorts of designs!

This is a special event especially for all the new freshman club members. High school has been a brand new experience for all of them. They have been enjoying the Latin club activities, and are excited for more upcoming club events!

“I found it very fun and entertaining and everyone there was extremely kind and welcoming. I had a great time painting my pumpkin!” said freshman Anne Liu with a big smile on her face.

“The pumpkin painting activity was really fun and great! I had spent a lot of great quality time with friends and I got to be creative and artistic when painting my pumpkin.” Freshman Reehan Siraj told me as she displayed her SpongeBob pumpkin that she was very proud of.

The officers and all the upper classmen were very nice to new members and made Latin club so far a welcoming place for all.
Ultimately Latin Club pumpkin painting was great way for everyone in the club to get to know each other better and have some fun in the spirit of Fall and Halloween! Everyone was really friendly and had a good time painting a pumpkin that they were proud of. It is an enjoyable and fun experience for everyone. There will be more fun events in Latin Club to come! Stay tuned.

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