Cheating Strikes During SATs Again

By Ye Ji Han

Cartoon of a sat cheating scandal

After many cheating accusations on the SAT, College Board, the company that creates the tests, had decided to withhold the SAT scores for students in China and South Korea, but only for those that took the test on October 11th. Throughout both countries, a majority of the students are worried about early admission into the colleges with the delay that they will have. Although they have been assured that they will be provided an explanation to those schools that they apply to, but that does not prevent the distress each student is facing. Within mid-November, all are predicted to have their accurate scores, giving them just enough time to get those applications in.
The ETS informed them in a note that said, “After every test administration, we go to great lengths to make sure each test result we report is accurate and valid. It is with this objective in mind that we sometimes take additional quality control steps before scores are released.” Basically, they have found people cheating and they’re trying to find them, but students and especially parents are furious saying that only the suspected should be the only ones affected. This is partly due to the ETS deciding to keep the scores according to the country and not the specific places that the students took the test.
It has been rumored that some test prep classes had obtained the test answers earlier on, but this would not be a surprise if it were true, considering all of the past scandals, especially in South Korea. In 2007, 2009, South Korea has had some of the same issues, but it wasn’t until May last year that the cheating was so widespread it impacted the entire country. Just last year, students in South Korea or China taking the test internationally were rumored to have taken video or pictures of the test, with some professors posing as a student in order to do the same. While students are not checked for phones, if a teacher finds someone using their device, then they will be forced out early without finishing the test and their score will be scrapped.
Until they receive their scores back, the students are left troubled by the problem and how “unfair” the situation seems, not addressing the severity of the situation.

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