Relatable School Stories: Hallways

By Leslie Quan

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The thing about hallways is that everyone uses it. I believe that is the problem. So many different faces each time walking the halls, it’s hard to keep track of all the people that are in your school. I feel like every time I walk in the hallways I either smile at the people I know or keep my head down throughout the whole walk, there is no in between. Even when the hallways are crowded and busy, it’s still normal and you get use to it. I think that the worst thing is when you are walking in the halls and it’s only you, and suddenly another person (you know) emerges from the opposite end of the hall and this is when different reactions could take place. Either that person is one of your best friends and you can’t help but say hi or that moment when you know this is an event in your life that is going to be awkward due to the lack of relationship with the other person in the hall. Therefore, you have five choices to make in a split second, one you could just walk faster and pretend to be interested in the walls next to you or try to read a poster or look behind you thinking that there is someone there. You could also use the general smile to facially greet the person or just don’t even say anything at all, followed by no expression what-so-ever. I think we all know that in situations like these cause us to use quick thinking to make up our mind. But what happens when you see the guy that you stare at in history class or the girl you drool over in English coming towards you in the halls, what now?! You’re probably beginning to trip over your steps by now, but when they seem to brush past you so closely and you smell their fragrance, what then?! 99% of the time this occurs: you see them walking towards you, you freak, you want to say something or even smile, but then you make a sound you’ve never made before or expressed the ugliest smile ever seen on your face. After this motion you begin talking to yourself about what you could have done and said, but now it’s all over and you’ve established that you are stupid at that moment and you are filled with embarrassment. Yeah I get it, even if you’ve never experienced’ll happen, either today, tomorrow, months, years and so one. Honestly I hate this feeling, there should be a class that teaches you how to deal with these things.

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