1989: What’s Taylor Swift’s New Sound?

By Sammi Chadrow


What can’t Taylor Swift do with her music? Everything she releases smashes the charts and practically all songs of her new album, 1989, topped the iTunes charts at one point. Taylor Swift’s usual country, heartbreak, tear-jerking tune is much less apart of her new album, 1989. She took a whole new twist on her style with a mainly 80s pop vibe. Polaroid pictures fill the CD and album art, taking it back to around her birth year of 1989. The album itself had an upbeat tone to it, opening with “Welcome To New York” showing a new sound from Swift. The album progressively got slower and back into Swift’s well known work about boys and heartbreak. Her smash single off the album, “Shake It Off”, revealed a knowing look into the album that was to come. Her new music made the fans want more, waiting to hear what was to come from Taylor Swift.
The hits don’t stop with Taylor as she has always had major hits coming from each of her albums. Hearing this one slayed the charts was no surprise at all. What more can come from the still young celebrity? Most likely tons are yet to come from the young star. Nothing can stop Taylor Swift from pleasing crowds filled with of tens of thousands of people.
The Album took a turn towards pop, but what impact does that make on those who listen to it? “She has changed to pop. I feel like she’s trying to change for society’s requests.” Caroline Noto, a teen, thinks the album is great, but what is the reason for Taylor’s new music? Amanda Yang, a student, says, “Taylor has definitely been trying new things with her musical style in this album. Each song has its own unique beat to it. The album shows her growth as an artist.” The new twist Taylor swift has taken seems to be winning over the fans. No matter what she does people will be supporting her every move.
1989 is still classified as a country album, but next time we should all check twice before classifying an artist’s sound and thinking they can’t change it up and rock the charts.

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